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  • Interview with Annie Joseph

    Michael and Annie explore Annie's journey into becoming a family solicitor and Annie provides excellent tips for up and comers in the law to reach the next level, and how to succeed in your training contract.

  • Interview with Yemi Alli

    Very interesting chat between Michael and Yemi about becoming an immigration solicitor and the challenges and changes that Yemi has seen in this area of law. She also gives a great outline on her journey and gives great tips in helping you in your own journey into becoming a solicitor.

  • Interview with Umar Kankiya

    Michael and Umar have a candid discussion regarding being a minority in the law, and the challenges that Umar has faced in his career. They also discuss mental health law, and Umar's journey into becoming a mental health solicitor.

  • Interview with Sophie Thomas

    Michael and Sophie discuss Sophie's career journey where she has become the head of commercial lending and her role as training principle. Sophie gives great advice on your training contract application, and an overview of the training contract and what to expect.

  • Interview with Geraint Fry

    This week we speak with Geraint, the Vice President of the Swansea JLD, Geraint tells us about his journey onto the training contract and the benefits of getting involved in organisations such as the JLD.

  • Interview with Stacey Holmes

    Michael speaks with Criminal Solicitor for the CPS & President of the Swansea JLD Stacey Holmes. Michael and Stacey discuss Stacey's journey into becoming a Criminal Solicitor and Stacey provides helpful advice for students/graduates to progress their career.

  • Interview with Katie Terry

    Michael and Katie discuss Katie's journey from law student to an NQ Family Solicitor. They discuss in-depth the benefits of joining organisations such as the Junior Lawyers Division, Katie's training contract, and what a Family Solicitor does day to day.

  • Interview with George Pollitt

    Michael and George discuss George's unique route to becoming a barrister, and the day to day of George's role. George provides helpful guidance and tips to up and coming advocates.

  • Interview with Mark Leyshon

    Michael Ives (Acorn Legal) talks to Mark Leyshon (Wills & Probates Solicitor). They discuss Mark’s journey into becoming a Solicitor, Mark gives excellent advice on setting up your own firm, and tips on how to develop a department from scratch.

    They also go into detail the pros and cons of learning multiple disciplines versus specialising in one area and the importance of getting your foot in the door at an early stage of your career.

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