Season 1

  • Emily Bale – Employment Paralegal

    Michael and Emily discuss Emily's journey to becoming an employment paralegal, tips into how you can secure a paralegal role, and her life away from the law.

  • Interview with Abbie Harthorne

    Something a little different this time, this week we welcome Abbie Hawthorne who is new to law and has recently secured a position in conveyancing. We cover how Abbie secured a junior position in the legal industry, the interview process, and what a day in the life of an up and coming conveyancing assistant looks like.

  • Interview with Stephen Averill

    A fascinating episode this week where Michael and Stephen discuss the unique industry of costs law, this has proven to be an excellent alternative to the typical LLB/LPC route into law, and an exciting career path.

  • Interview with Tracy Tsao

    Michael and Tracy discuss Tracy's journey onto securing her training contract, and also discuss Tracy's training contract prep document she has created that breaks down the types of questions you will be answering.

    If you are looking for a copy of Tracey's interview prep document, email me on and I will be happy to reply with a copy of the document

  • Interview with Andrew Murphy

    This week we have a fascinating episode where we discuss Andrew's journey into becoming a dispute resolution solicitor, and what that role looks like; the intricate differences in the role as you progress to senior associate level and the subtle differences of being a solicitor in Guernsey.

  • Interview with Erika Federis

    A fascinating episode this week where we explore Erika's journey into becoming an in-house legal counsel. We learn the benefits of a slightly different career to your traditional law firm route, and how you can get into working in-house.

  • Interview with Samantha Cavender

    Michael and Samantha discuss Samantha's journey into becoming a senior Residential Conveyancer, and the day to day that she undertakes in this role, and Samantha gives great tips on how to get into this profession.

  • Interview with Annie Joseph

    Michael and Annie explore Annie's journey into becoming a family solicitor and Annie provides excellent tips for up and comers in the law to reach the next level, and how to succeed in your training contract.

  • Interview with Yemi Alli

    Very interesting chat between Michael and Yemi about becoming an immigration solicitor and the challenges and changes that Yemi has seen in this area of law. She also gives a great outline on her journey and gives great tips in helping you in your own journey into becoming a solicitor.

  • Interview with Umar Kankiya

    Michael and Umar have a candid discussion regarding being a minority in the law, and the challenges that Umar has faced in his career. They also discuss mental health law, and Umar's journey into becoming a mental health solicitor.

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